Important Online Safety Update

We're enhancing your login and adding an extra layer of protection for your accounts. Therefore, you will no longer need the activation code we emailed you to access your account.

How will this enhancement help keep my accounts safe?
In addition to your username and password, we'll recognize you by a computer that you will register with us during enrollment. After you enroll, we'll present your trusted image and phrase when you login. This will help you verify you are on a real GMAC site.

What are the next steps?
Select Continue below and:

  1. Enter your username
  2. Set up a trusted image and phrase
  3. Create challenge questions and answers
  4. Register your home or office computer

If we don't recognize your computer (not registered), we won't show your trusted image and phrase, instead we'll present challenge questions you'll need to answer to login. You'll set these questions and answers up during enrollment.